Let’s predict crowds together!

Avoid Crowds shows tourists when their favorite destinations are likely to be crowded. By combining different sources of tourism data, we know when tourist hotspots are likely to become busy.

On this website you can find information about our REST API as well as our widgets. You can get access to our API and widgets by requesting a token. You can request a token by sending us an e-mail or by completing our contact form.

Our API is free for small bloggers who want to educate their readers on how crowded destinations can become. That way they can be part of the solution to overtourism. Other interested parties can buy credits. For more information, please contact us.

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Our data is easy to use!

Simply request your API token and start using our data. Our API can be used with any programming language. Simply read our documentation and start coding. Our aim is to make your life as a developer easy!


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Data analytics, tourism news and interesting articles to read, is what we do on our website. Our aim is to help you avoid crowds. Check our daily crowd predictions on avoid-crowds.com.


Instructions for developers

Our documentation helps you with the integration of our data. Read more about our API tokens, widgets and more.

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How to get your token

Read our documentation and get a feeling for how our widgets and API work. We believe they are easy to use and our documentation is there to make it even easier. If you need help with your integration, please contact us.

Tell us your plans or crazy ideas! We can probably help. Let us know what you want to achieve and perhaps we can get the integration started immediately. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through the form below.

If you get in touch with us, we will respond as soon as possible over e-mail. Our aim is to provide you with your personal token ASAP!

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